CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Raised Access Floor Systems

Raised Floor Systems


AKDAG S.W. has been success full with raised floor applications since early 1980's in Turkey and is always leader with its investments in Turkey and abroad.

Raised Floor is installed on to the slab of the building and the word between the slab end the raised floor panel. Supplies service flexibility for the disciplines of mechanical works, electricity and air conditioning and ventilation as well.

Depending on the type of the application, raised floor shall be conductive for static electricity discharge or shall be wholly non conductive. Panels are manufactured with the dimensions of 600 x 600 mm or 600 x 400 mm and consists of the core high density chipboard (720-750 kg/m3) or composite cores.

Panel Coverings;

  • Galvanised Steel Sheets or Encapsulated
  • Aluminium Sheets
  • Antistatic PVC
  • Antistatic HPL
  • Lineolium
  • Granite or Ceramics
  • Wood or parquet


Production of Raised Floors


Production of Raised Floors up to standard requires high-capacity production lines, an engine park equipped with sensitive and advanced technology, high investment and continuous renovation, and R&D work.

The raised flooring systems supplied and applied by Akdağ SW are produced in installations, located in Sakarya, First Organized Industrial Zone, of PLANART A.Ş, an affiliate of UYAR ŞİRKETLER TOPLULUĞU (UYAR GROUP).

The installation brought into the Turkish economy by completely domestic capital performs its production by utterly advanced technology in a closed area of 11,000 m².

Furthermore, the installation is unique in Turkey because of its production capacity, product quality and diversity. Whole of the engine park has been established as oriented to the raised floor production and produces only panel and footing systems of different varieties.

Non-stop R&D studies are performed together with production. We work continuously on new varieties and develop products for different requirements in parallel with the developments across the world.

Fields of Applications

  • IT and Elektronics Centers
  • Control Rooms
  • Offices
  • Electronic Board Rooms
  • Transformer Stations
  • Laboratories
  • Telecom Power House
  • UPS Rooms
  • High Buildings
  • SCADA Rooms
  • IT and Internet Rooms
  • Automation Centers
Raised Floor Systems